Recap "Week 12"

Black is shocked that Cathy went home, and now that Kristin has to compete alone, a fire has been lit in her to keep going. The next morning the teams enter the gym to find Alison there with t-shirts in the original colors. "12 weeks ago you came to make a are the only person who controls your future, especially as of today," she tells them, because they're returning to singles. Now they have to choose which trainer they'll go with. For some, like Sione and Filipe, it's a no-brainer - they're going with Bob. For Mike it's left up to a flip of the coin -- which his dad, Ron, calls idiotic -- and he goes with Jillian. The rest of the breakdown is as follows: Tara, Laura and Helen on Team Jillian and Ron, Kristin and Aubrey on Team Bob.

The challenge this week was in two parts: In the first, each contestant had blocks of weight in front of them that totaled their weight when they came onto the ranch. They were able to give away the weight to whomever they wanted, but without knowing how it would affect the rest of the task. At first, Helen got loaded up with bricks as the opposing team felt she betrayed them by choosing Jillian.

But most of the weight was given to Tara who, while the others thought it was pretty funny, felt ganged-up on. She says, "Wouldn't it be funny if I still won when everyone tried to take me down?" Tara wasn't joking, because in the second part of the challenge, she whopped everyone's behinds. Each person had to pull a car, with the additional weight they were given in round one, for a half-mile. Even though Mike and Sione were out to an early lead, Tara came back, with her extra 257 pounds and all, to win immunity for the week. Her weight-loss may be slowing down, but this girl is unstoppable.

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