Supernatural: Sam Is One Angry Dude Upon His Return From Hell

Supernatural just wouldn't be the same demon-hunting show if Sam (Jared Padalecki) really died after that fall into hell. The man he is now is a stark contrast to what we've seen over the last five seasons.

"I come back much less lovey-dovey," says Padalecki, "and more like, 'All right. I've been to hell a couple times, I've been to heaven. I've died, I've come back, I've done this, and I've done that. [Now] Sam's more no bullsh--."

Sam's time in hell was much worse than what Dean (Jensen Ackles) had experienced there, according to Padalecki; Sam was in Lucifer's cage with an archangel battle erupting around him.

"Crowley (Mark Sheppard) says, 'I can't imagine what it's like in the cage, and I can imagine so many things,'" Padalecki says. "We get the idea that Sam was in the bad part of hell. He wasn't in the penthouse."

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