Today's News: Our Take Top Moments: Mistaken Identities on House, Letterman and Sesame Street

This week, TV had a case of mistaken identity. On Law & Order: SVU, Joan Cusack played a grieving mother who of course also appeared to be the suspect. Cougar Town's Jules found a new therapist with serious truth issues. Olivia's evil twin made a pass at her unrequited love on Fringe. Sesame Street forgot that Katy Perry is a scantily clad pop star. Joaquin Phoenix revealed that he is, in fact, an actor and not the subject of a documentary. And the cranky doc on House let it slip that he's actually a big old softie. Welcome to Top Moments: Mistaken Identity Edition.

15. Best Breakfast: While staying at Don's apartment after running away from home, Mad Men's Sally tries to get in her dad's good graces by making him French toast. Don is impressed, until he realizes that the "Mrs. Butterworth's" she poured over the plate is actually rum. Then he's even more impressed.

14. Best Twist: On the season-opener of Law & Order: SVU, Joan Cusack plays a woman whose child went missing 10 years prior. Cusack's creepy performance is a textbook SVU "the mom did it" gambit, but in a surprising twist, her daughter is found alive and living as the wife of her kidnapper.

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