Recap: "Target Specific"

Megan Hamilton is stabbed in the back by an intruder. She fires two shots and calls 911 and Horatio shows up simultaneously with the EMTs. She's in critical condition at the hospital and the CSIs try and figure out what the intruder was after. Ryan and Horatio find one bullet hole in the wall of the room where Megan was shot and think the other bullet may be in the intruder. They follow blood drops to the knife that stabbed Megan in the bushes. There's a print on the knife which Eric dusts. Natalia says all the blood in the room belonged to the victim so the intruder probably wasn't shot after all. They found Patrick Garrity's print on the knife but he claims he reported the knife stolen a week ago. Megan was his personal chef and he had confronted her about possibly stealing that knife, which happened to be worth $75k.

Megan makes what appears to be a miraculous recovery and wakes up. Horatio questions her about the attack and she claims she didn't steal the knife but that she did shoot the intruder. She also wants to know if her box of cash is still in her kitchen. Calleigh goes to the house to find the cash and Eric calls her to tell her he's on his way. She removes a light bulb from an overhead light and hears who she thinks is Eric walking in behind her.

"Hey Eric. I think Megan was telling the truth" yells Calleigh over her back.

But it's not Eric. A man pulls a plastic bag over Calleigh's head to try and suffocate her and also holds her gun to her head. Eric comes in the nick of time and the assailant flees. Calleigh asks Eric to find her some gauze and she puts the gauze in a container with the plastic bag because she thinks the gauze will absorb the scent from the attacker. Meanwhile, animal control informs Ryan that the dog has something in her teeth and may have taken a bite of the attacker. They pull out a piece of material that can protect the wearer from gunfire but it shouldn't be able to tear. However, if a bullet hit the fiber first, it could be compromised and able to be torn. A designer named Zoe Bell holds the patent for bulletproof clothing.

Zoe claims she's only given the clothes to a select few celebrity clients and she also admits to having had a few items stolen last week. All of her staff members have the code so it could be any one of them. Natalia and Horatio confiscate a camera from a paparazzi in the trees. They get a warrant to go through the pictures on the camera. There's a picture of Patrick Garrity and a picture of Calleigh on the horse with the Bayside Downs trainer. It's from 2 months ago. Ryan confronts Eric about him and Calleigh, and Eric tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about. Then Ryan finds pics of all the CSIs on the camera and everyone starts to get a little freaked out.

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