Recap: "A Necessary Evil"

Proof and evidence are in short supply in this thrilling episode of Medium. Kurtwood Smith is back as Agent Cooper, haunting Allison to the soothing sound of chirping crickets. Joe has his own problems to contend with and Ariel is starting to really become her mother's daughter, as she is coming into her own as a medium.

Cooper had previously invited (while haunting) Allison to help him in his crusade against potential criminals. This time he offers her names of some bad guys who have eluded capture for some time. His intel is reliable and Allison is credited with the clues. Little does she know what he is really up to.

Cooper is convinced he knows the future and has found a vulnerable, easily manipulated boy to do his dirty work. Bobby Whitman is a high-schooler with an absent mother, making him an all too perfect choice for Cooper's devious plan. He convinces Bobby that he needs to kill people because if they are allowed to live, they will end up killing many others. Bobby kills Adam Dietz, who in Allison's dream killed a diner full of people, and then Nurse Rachel, who, according to Cooper, is so desperate in her disillusionment of the health care industry that she was planning to kill 16 patients. (I did wonder if the writers were trying to make a point about the state of health care in this country, or if that was just a Snapped moment.)

By making Bobby force the people into 'suicide' rather than pull the trigger himself, Cooper masterfully manipulated the boy. Either way Bobby was responsible, but he must have felt less so when Adam and Rachel killed themselves. (Of course, Cooper is the responsible one, but that's going to be rather hard to prove in court, since he is, like, dead.)

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