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(S05E08) "I've come to reclaim my territory, Superfly." - Nancy to Andy, who's turned her room into a 1960s crash pad

First of all, for some reason, I find Alanis Morissette completely annoying as the doctor. I don't know if she's just boring or whether it's because she was mean to Andy: "You're unemployed, you're closer to 40 than 30, you drive a car from a TV show, and your greatest recent accomplishment was beating the upside-down kill screen in Ms. Pacman."

The only upside of her and Andy's date is that it got him to shave that ridiculous Geico caveman beard off. I really appreciate seeing his face again.

I also love the little vignettes at the beginning of each ep with the opening credits. Tonight's featured a file drawer with a "Weeds" file and a "Jenji Kohan" file. I also picked out a "Power of Attorney" file, which came into play later in the episode.

I also appreciated this exchange between Nancy and Zuzao:

Zuzao: "Do you wanna know why I've never had children?"

Nancy: "Because you'd eat them and children are super-fattening?"

Zuzao: "No, because they're complicated ... and if you let them, they'll take everything you have."

She goes on to say that this particular baby would end the career of a very promising politician. To recap from last week, we know that Zuzao is the sole heir to a vast telecommunications company, on the board of the Mexican Stock Exchange, and a philanthropist. My guess is she isn't a love interest of Esteban's. Maybe more like a greedy sister. At any rate, it seems like she's ready to play hardball when it comes to the baby. She's certainly holding something over Esteban's druglord head.

Way to go, Nancy, on putting Andy's name on the birth certificate as the kid's father. Likewise to Andy for stepping up and taking on the role. I could see where he was coming from. Nancy does tend to just use him when it's convenient. Then again, Andy needs a purpose, and having a kid might be just the thing.

The part about Dean saying he'll help Doug and Silas out if he can slam Doug's dick in a drawer was pretty darn funny. "If I'm hard, it won't be so bad," says Doug, then later asks the Rabbi if he can fix it. "I don't have any insurance. I've been taping it to a popsicle, and it's been turning blue." "Try cherry," says the Rabbi.

Other stuff I loved:

-Doug saying Dean is just miffed that they didn't cut him in on the pot club, "but that's just because you're cursed with schmuckness." (This is where the power of attorney came in: Dean had Silas sign one.)

-Shane lamenting that the baby will probably want to play soccer.

-"No one is buying this shit. It's like the Depression out there. Women are pinching their cheeks for blush. Trannies? They're staining their lips with plum juice. I cannot sell make-up when civilization is collapsing." - Celia, to the You're Pretty leader.

-Celia decking Dean during their exchange in his office. Did I see a few sparks there, though?

-Seeing Lupita again. We're harking back to the very first episode of Weeds here.

-Andy: "Whoa, bun's still on the hotdog," referring to Baby Botwin needing a circumcision.

-Shane on the Bris: "Apparently, you need ten Jews to watch him lose his dickhead, or it's not official."

-Nancy defending Andy to Esteban: "He sticks around. He fights for what he loves. He's not a coward."

-Stevie Ray Botwin. I like it.

I'll end with this little exchange in Dean's office:

Dean: "My rate is $500 an hour."

Doug: That better include a rim job."

Looking forward to your thoughts!



Default avatar cat
Jul 28, 2009 10:04PM EDT

i loved this episode of weeds finally the show is starting the long road back to the suburbs hopefully without esteban andy as a character is great however i find it difficult to believe he could so quickly reconcile the deceit and betrayal nancy has perpetrated against him to accept the responsibility of being young steve rays father

Default avatar cat
Jul 28, 2009 11:32PM EDT

I really enjoyed this episode because Nancy really stood up to Esteban. When I first started watching Weeds, I hated Nancy for letting her kids, especially Silas, disrespect her. The same goes for her relationship with Esteban. It is always satisfying when Nancy takes control of her life (although with the same whimsical air).

Default avatar cat
Jul 29, 2009 1:25AM EDT

I could be wrong, but i think she named him Stephen "Rey" as in Spanish for king. Possibly like a tribute to his actual father; Esteban's last name is Reyes. When she said it in Hebrew, then translated it into English, she said his name meant my father is king. I could be wrong, but that is how i took it.

Jul 29, 2009 3:34PM EDT

Interesting theory sarah, haven't thought of it that way till now.

Default avatar cat
Aug 1, 2009 3:26PM EDT

the last two seasons of weeds have been short of a bummer...

Large 1371447244 phillis wheatley
Dec 14, 2012 10:33PM EST

It seems to be coming out of the dark side of comedy into the light of comedy finally Andy got his manhood back and Cecilla and Doug had the best one liners.

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