Recap: "Searching for a Former Clarity"

It was an episode of good-byes: Julian leaves Brooke and Tree Hill, Haley leaves her students and the classroom, and Dan realizes he'll soon be gone forever.

The time has come for Dan, as Lucas pointed out, to finally get a heart - literally. After receiving the page, Dan heads over to the hospital and gets prepped for surgery, but because karma is a beyotch the man carrying the organ trips over a dog's leash, sending the heart flying. And before someone can even scoop it up, the dog runs away with it.

Haley speaks to her principal, who gives her an ultimatum: She either prints an apology for publishing Sam's provocative essay, or she leaves the Tree Hill classroom for good. She mulls it over with Nathan. She wants to follow her convictions, but she doesn't want to lose her job. When she finally gets up in front of her class - with the principal watching - she tells them that writing is about telling the truth. Haley urges her students to stand up for what they believe in because the "truth matters, so tell it no matter what." And while Haley may be out of the teaching job, she lands a new role as a producer on Mia's album.

Meanwhile, Julian gets the devastating call that his father has been fired as head of the studio, which shuts down the movie production. Julian attempts to fix it to no avail, so there's nothing left to do but pack up and leave. Unable to face Brooke after the "I love you" debacle, he's ready to leave without her. But after learning the truth about Sam's shoplifting and being urged by Lucas and James Van der Beek (we can either "sit in the park like a couple of homos drinking cheap beer or celebrate the attempt"), Julian goes to say good-bye. He explains that Sam was covering for Jack, and when she realizes she was wrong in alienating Sam, Julian tells her, "She loves you and so do I. And that's okay because sometimes the beauty is in the attempt." Even though she doesn't want him to go, he walks out the door, but not before saying, "I'm going to miss you Brooke Davis."

In the end, Dan doesn't get his heart and prepares his good-byes. He asks Deb to take Jamie one last time, and when Jamie bluntly asks him who killed Keith, he honestly answers that it was him. But as kids are most forgiving, Jamie tells his mom later that Keith and Grandpa Dan still love each other. Dan also finds Nathan and Lucas at the river court and tells them "You're my sons and I failed you, and I'm sorry for that...You're good men and good brothers, don't let the world change that." He turns around and leaves, and perhaps for the first time, he truly is remorseful for all the awful things he's done in life.

There were also some great scenes between Brooke and Sam, and I love where they've taken their relationship. It was a sweet moment when Brooke brought Jack home, and Sam hugged him and said how happy she was that he was there. And who's bummed that Deb broke up with Skillz? I hope we still get to see him in episodes to come.

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