Billie Piper Bares It All for Secret Diary of a Call Girl

One of the more surprisingly funny panels at TCA this month was for Showtime's Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Well, anytime you get a room full of critics talking about dominatrix training and "modesty sacks," it's got to be a pretty good time.

The show's star, Billie Piper, let us in on some of the upcoming stories for the show, how playing a call girl has changed perceptions of her, and whether the US or UK was more prudish about the show. Read on for highlights:

* Playing Belle means men are terrified of her: "Men don't come anywhere near me anymore," Piper said. "They seem so threatened by me now. They also just stare for ages, like I'm going to do something wild and raunchy. And, you know, much to their disappointment, it never really happens."

* She was never really worried that playing a prostitute would harm her image: "I really, really liked the early drafts of the script. I liked the idea," she said. "I didn't really think about it too much. I think my family and friends were quite concerned about my mental state and well-being when I was making the show, but they got over it pretty quickly."

* But it sure surprised London: "People were really shocked when Billie took the role in the UK," said producer Rebecca De Souza. "Her perception at home was very much as a kind of girl-next-door darling, the nation's darling. So to take a role like this was really quite extraordinary, very, very bold."

To find out what's coming up for both Hannah and Belle just read more.

* Juggling Hannah and Belle will always be a problem. Having a legit identity and a call girl identity will dog Piper's character throughout the series. The main story of the second season will be "Belle falling in love and can she manage to sustain a relationship? Can she juggle Belle and Hannah? Can Hannah get what she wants? Hannah wants a relationship. Or will Belle always take her away from that?" De Souza said. In the third season, which is about to start production in the UK, Belle will write a book about her experiences.

* UK audiences reacted more prudishly to the show than US viewers. "Over here, it's been nothing but a joy really," Piper said. "And people have been really open-minded - which, you know, I wasn't surprised about because when you look at the lineup on Showtime and other stations over here, TV is really advanced in terms of ideas."

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