Recap: "The Grandfather"

Like winter melting into spring, three characters on Gossip Girl tried to move forward in their lives this week. But just as spring got lost in the late-falling snow, Lily, Blair and Nate got lost along the way. In the process, we got to glimpse the wild Lily of the past, the self-destructive Blair of the present and the Vanderbilt clone that possibly will be Nate in the future.

Lily and Rufus provided some fun comic relief this week, as well as a cautionary tale of something never to do: make lists of past lovers. It was all Lily's (very bad) idea, after she learned that Becks has also dated Rufus. Soon Lily was deep into page two of her list, and Serena cautioned her not to "drop the yellow pages" on Rufus because it was going to "take him 20 minutes to get through just the '90s" of her list. We learned that among the many lucky gentlemen on that list were the names Slash and Trent Reznor.

When it came time to trade, Rufus passed Lily his tiny index card. Suddenly second-guessing this great idea of hers, Lily handed him only page two and told him it was the whole thing. Eventually, Rufus found the complete list and was unhappy - not that Lily's list was so long, but that she lied. This led to a fight, but thankfully, not a long-lasting one. Soon, Rufus returned to her (even though she admitted the whole mess was her fault) with a different list, one that proved just how well he knew her. And all was forgiven.

Forgiveness wasn't Blair's goal, however. Destruction was. As in destroying the Blair Waldorf of the past, now that her future was looking nothing at all as she has imagined it would. Blair was having a crisis that many people have around her age: when they realize that life doesn't always work out according to plan. Only she was having it on a grander, Blair Waldorf-sized scale. First, she hooked up with Carter and rubbed Chuck's face in it, merely to piss Chuck off. But Carter also served to encourage her newfound bad behavior, which included shoplifting.

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