Rescue Me Episode Recap: "Legacy" Season 6, Episode 1

In the Season 6 premiere of Rescue Me, Tommy briefly dies after being shot by his Uncle Teddy in the closing moments of Season 5. Before being revived, Tommy sees a terrifying vision of the afterlife that forces him to re-evaluate his life once he's out of the hospital. There's just one problem: Tommy's friends and family have pretty much had it with him, leaving him alone to sort through his troubles.

"Something that you saw scared the sh-- out of you, and I want to know what that was. Did you go to Hell?" - Lou

The action picks up with Tommy in the back of an ambulance. Lou and Mickey are along for the ride, but it isn't long before Tommy flat-lines. Visions of family members - and most importantly the Twin Towers - flash before Tommy's eyes before he wakes up in a hockey rink with 343 firefighters who died on 9/11. It's no surprise to see Cousin Jimmy there to happily welcome Tommy, but before Jimmy can introduce Tommy to the rest of the crew, Tommy is swept away by ball of flames. (Sorry, folks. That wasn't the same warm-and-fuzzy white light we saw on Lost a month ago.)

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