'Bones': Welcome Home, Bones Season 6, Episode 1 Review

Ok, everyone, two important things to address: 1) No, I am not dead and 2) Yes, Bones has finally returned, so we can all just take one deep sigh of relief. Better? Alright, let's get to it!

This week's episode of Bones, the Season 6 premiere entitled "The Mastodon in the Room" picked up seven months later from where we left off last season, with Booth in Iraq, Brennan and Daisy in Indonesia, Hodgins and Angela in Paris, and Sweets and Cam left in D.C. Upon receiving an urgent call from Caroline, all the Squints return to help Cam keep her job.

"We need to get back home."

So, I have to say that I really liked seeing what Booth and Brennan were up to during their time away from the Jeffersonian at the beginning of this episode. Looks like they were pretty much still doing the same things though: Booth saving people and Brennan kicking everyone's butt.

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