Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 11, "Dress for Success"

Oh boy. Ugly Betty begins a story arc on a topic that tends to make me squeamish when it pops up in my entertainment: the choice between family and career. In The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway's character is told straight-up that once your personal life suffers, you know you're making it in the business world, and that now seems to apply to Betty as well. In this episode, she attempts to balance work and family obligations, but ultimately one part of her life will suffer - because clearly, you can't have it all.

Things get tense for Betty, and the stakes turn out to be higher for her personally than Hathaway's Vogue intern character, because Betty nearly loses something much bigger than a boyfriend. Basically, there's a lot of guilt going on, and that made me feel kind of crappy. Let's get down to business and chat about it.

* Seriously, so many guest stars! We have Zac Posen, a pretty hilarious Nikki Blonski, the lovely Bernadette Peters, and real-life Elle editors.

* So Bernadette's character is Betty's idol in publishing and her YETI teacher. She does what all good mentors do at first, which is to be really super hard on you.

* Just when Betty's seeing stars and getting all career-ambitious, Hilda's reopening her salon/purse store place and is really stressed out planning the re-opening party. The name is pretty awesome: Hilda Beautilities Plus.

* In addition to impressing her YETI teacher, Betty gets pressure is piled on at work. I love the scene where Daniel tells the staff that Elle is kicking their butts and it's not going to happen again. Wilhelmina chimes in bad-cop-style with, "If we do, one of you dies." Ha!

* That scene's full of awesome Willi lines, actually. Connor says he loves their good cop, bad cop dynamic and Daniel says, "It's more like I'm nice. She's not," to which Willi replies, "Can I help it if my balls are bigger than his?"

* So Willi is full steam ahead on helping Daniel win over Molly. When she shows him the security footage of them kissing, he assumes she's being awful, but she says, "Perhaps in the past but not this time."

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