Stargate Universe: "Earth" Episode 7 - Review

I'll admit that this episode surprised me, but in a good way. Looking at the previews, I thought this was going to be another snooze-fest with this show's favorite plot device, the dreaded communication stones. But the writers put a spin on things and came up with a wonderful way to combine the cast of characters on Earth and the starship Destiny, while doing some great character development along the way. Color me impressed.

This episode didn't waste any time getting into the juicy bits. It started with Colonel Young having a sexy dream about his subordinate, Lt. Johansen. That's a surprising beginning, and a new layer to the storylines of both Johansen and Young (who is quickly becoming a central part of the series). The Stargate Universe characters are becoming a lot like onions - you keep peeling away layers, and you keep finding more. Especially now that it seems that all their love lives are really screwed up.

We learn even more about Colonel Young's character when he refuses of a direct order from Jack O'Neill (good to see Richard Dean Anderson back, by the way), and his desire to "take the situation under advisement." This is odd for a military man, since he is in command, but it shows how much he cares for the people under his purview, which we've seen small bits of before. In addition to that, we see lots of respect and admiration between the Young and O'Neill; it's a great link between this series and what has come before.

The main plot driving this story has the forces on Earth trying to get the Destiny team back home, and getting some ulterior motives completed. Colonel Telford continues to be a thoroughly unlikable character, even as he's trying to be the good guy and bring the team home. First he takes over Destiny, then his first official action is throwing Greer right back into confinement. Telford has yet to prove to be useful beyond causing conflict, but there's nothing like some good old conflict to make things interesting, and the fighting between the Earth military forces and the crew of Destiny is one of the most important aspects of this episode.

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