Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 12, "Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"

Last week's Ugly Betty starts out with love in the air as both undercover new couples enjoy romantic getaways. Daniel and Molly frolic on the beach in a tropical location, while Connor and Wilhelmina steam it up in the mountains in a couple of beautiful, vivid scenes. But while everything starts on such a happy, sassy note, it ends on a downer. When Betty and Hilda fight, I can never take sides - they're both kind of right in my mind. Which I guess means the writers have really nailed what it is to have a sister. Let's talk about this episode - just read more.

* Ignacio is back from the hospital, and the girls are being really cute about not stressing him out for fear of causing another heart attack. Every time they want to get into a conversation about bills and such, they go, "Hear that? A bluebird!"

* Betty returns to her apartment only to find Amanda's completely destroyed it. Oh - and Amanda thought it was Betty who had the heart attack ("How many times did I tell you to stop eating that fatty Mexican food?").

* Amanda also informs Betty they have roaches and she named one Little Betty ("She's just like you - a survivor"). I love her.

* Daniel and Molly's banter about Heidi and Spencer felt kind of forced. Or maybe I just sort of resent the fact that I can't seem to escape those two no matter what I do. They better not guest star.

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