'America's Next Top Model' Season 14, Episode 6 Recap: Subway series

If there's ever been a more appropriate metaphor for ANTM than this week's photoshoot, I don't know what it is: All aboard the S train, which just shuttles back and forth, back and forth, never really making much of a journey, and always smelling like career failure and boiling garbage. (Trust me.) So it is with Top Model, loathe to break any new ground or move in compelling, fresh directions; instead it just sways to and fro, from Grand Central to Times Square, from ratty weaves to arguments about respect, from annoying 'you don't know me' screaming matches to over-enthusiasm for Seventeen magazine. Back and forth. Back. And forth. Never changing. Never growing. Never explaining the guy who's always playing 'Feliz Navidad' on the accordion, even though it's not Christmastime. He = Tyra's jumpsuits in this metaphor, FYI.

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