Family Guy: "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag" (Season 8, Episode 4) - Review

Brian dates an older woman and Peter becomes obsessed with kicking everything he can after watching Patrick Swayze in Road House.

Usually, we complain about the formulaic opening of far too many recent Family Guy installments where Peter basically wastes away the first half of the episode by taking one of his ridiculous ideas way too far. Now, he does exactly the same thing here, but somehow, the idea of kicking everything in sight turned out to be a bit more entertaining that you'd think. Maybe because the episode was dedicated to Patrick Swayze, or the very thought that Peter think that every problem in life can be solved by kicking, but watching Peter do the same thing over and over again for as long as possible somehow managed to work in this case. Particularly funny was watching Peter drive with his feet as well as the Charlie Brown gag. The dark bedroom scene worked well too, mostly due to Lois' remarks.

The Cleveland falling bathtub scene felt a little gratuitous, as we saw a funnier version of this in the last episode. Watching an empty bathtub fall down just wasn't all that funny.

Eventually, Peter's antics do make way to the main storyline of the episode involving Brian's new girlfriend. Rita actually seemed like a great fit for Brian, but of course he always manages to find ways to squander perfectly good relationships. It's funny how perfectly normal it's become to see a dog making out with a woman though.

The barrage of old woman jokes felt like a bit much in this episode though. Even from Lois, who you'd think would be more sensitive to this kind of thing. The dinner scene where Peter progressively gets less and less subtle in trying to wrangle out Rita's age was only mildly amusing. Brian's backlash and snap proposal seemed genuine enough, but even by Brian's standards, it did feel a bit out of place that he'd so quickly cheat on her after her bedroom accident.

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