Recap: "The Target"

Welcome back! In this week's episode, Echo found herself in an engagement gone wrong that she wasn't prepared (i.e. imprinted) to deal with. Also, through flashbacks, we also learned more about the mysterious past of the Dollhouse and its staff.

More on that in a bit. First I'd like to address a few things I failed to mention in my first blog about the show. It's really just an assortment of ideas compiled while watching "Ghost", the pilot, again.

* The episode both began and ended with Caroline, seemingly Echo's true personality, on video. We opened on a security camera's view of Adelle's office and closed on a video yearbook. Now, if you'll permit me to put on my subtext hat, I'd say this is certainly evocative of the pilot's opening line, "Nothing is what it seems." Joss chooses not to show us Caroline in all her HD glory, but instead removes us slightly by placing her on tape.

* During Caroline's video yearbook message, she all but confirms who the "she" is that is referred to in the opening scene with Adelle. In that scene, Caroline explains she was just trying to, "take her place in the world... like she always said." In the video yearbook, Caroline goes on to thank Miss Dundee for teaching her to do that very thing. Now the question begs, is Caroline thinking out loud in that opening scene or does Caroline mention her because Adelle has crossed paths with Miss Dundee as well?

* Alpha, who last week I referred to as Naked DVD Watching Man, was sitting amidst the dead bodies of a man and a woman while watching Caroline's video yearbook. Could these corpses be that of Caroline's parents?

* I'm sorry; the theme song is really starting to grow on me. The first time I heard it, I was left feeling cold and melancholy. Oh, you agree but don't see anything growing on you? Wait, what's that? That's how Joss wants you to feel? Oh, he's one of those crazies who believe the opening theme sets the tone for the show? Oh, okay, job well done then, I guess.

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