Private Practice Rundown: Episode 13, "Nothing to Fear"

I'm feeling a little emotional today. Why, you ask? Well, after sitting through Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice, I'm feeling a little emotionally battered. I mean, right after Grey's put me through the wringer, Private Practice launched straight into an episode involving only things that make me cry including: watching someone die alone of cancer, watching someone talk about how alone we all are and how scary dying is, a wedding, a mom giving up her baby, someone talking about her dad not being able to walk her down the aisle because he's dead, and a breakup. Jeez, ABC primetime writers! Are you trying to destroy my soul?

Anyway, a lot went down on Private Practice, so to chat, just read more.

There's a very stressful opening this week with SWAT guy grilling Addison about where she went that one night last week and what happened. We all know that she went into Wyatt's office and made out with him - but was there more? Well, that's confusing, because in this week's flashback we see them kissing and then see Wyatt say, "Take off your clothes." This leads me to believe they got naked, which leads me to believe they had sex, but Addison denies this to her BFF Naomi. Is she lying? Hmmm. Addison gets angrier and angrier at SWAT guy's questions and right when he says he trusts her after all, she hilariously responds with something like, "Well I sort of did make out with someone." So it's all over for Addison and SWAT guy.

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