Legend of the Seeker: "Marked" (Season 2, Episode 1) - Review

The fun, epic fantasy adventure Legend of the Seeker has returned with "Marked", the first episode of the second season. We begin with Seeker Richard Cypher, having defeated Darken Rahl, enjoying a well-deserved celebration, along with his companions, the beautiful Kahlan Amnell and the less beautiful wizard Zedd.

Lest anyone think that killing Darken Rahl will leave a gaping hole in the drama now that Richard's objective has been completed, I can assure you this is far from the case. New conflicts crop up faster than Richard has time to get a handle on them all, the first being an attack by a creepy crawly creature of the underworld. This monster is scary as well as a warning sign that Richard has a new quest upon him, with a bigger enemy to defeat than Darken Rahl ever was. The show does not miss a beat setting the second season in motion.

Craig Horner has undergone a bit of a makeover; his longer, disheveled hair and scruffy face go a long way toward giving him a more weathered air. Richard is facing difficulties that he may not have anticipated when he defeated Rahl, as he must deal with Rahl's soldiers and whether they can co-exist with the rebels who have been supporting Richard up until now. There are some interesting quandaries ahead for the Seeker and I am glad this conflict is part of the story; it gives Richard a chance to grow into a leadership role and deal with thorny questions that come with power.

Zedd runs into some tricky issues himself as he uncovers a new prophesy about the Seeker. Much of the first season was based on Richard pursuing his foretold destiny so the unexpectedly shocking prophesy Zedd finds promises some intriguing twists in the story ahead.

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