Recap Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 7 - In God We Trust

Michael Bluth has called a meeting with his family's longtime attorney, Barry Zuckerkorn to discuss his father's incarceration. But he is finding it difficult to find any answers. He is, however, getting along with his sister, Lindsay, which is unwelcome news to their mother Lucille. The over-billing attorney does arrange for the court to allow their father out of jail for an entire afternoon so he could participate in the Living Classics pageant, which consists of live representations of classic works of art. The Bluths have always been a part of Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, although Buster is reluctant to play the part of Adam this year, since he already has plans with Lucille Austero. Tobias, who is still looking to further his acting career, offers to take the part, but Lucille wants Buster to do it. Unimpressed by the results, Michael is determined to drop Barry Zuckerkorn as family attorney for the very businesslike Wayne Jarvis. After the meeting breaks up, Lucille makes her play on Lindsay, mentioning in passing that Michael called her a "stay in bed mom" in her attempt to dissolve their burgeoning friendship. And her daughter, Maeby, feeling ignored by her parents, decides to make her parents think she is planning to run away to teach them a lesson.

Gob, meanwhile, has missed the meeting after being delayed by his girlfriend Marta. And while Gob takes his girlfriend for granted, Michael is learning Spanish to grow closer to her. Unfortunately, the one tape he could find, "Spanish for Businessmen," is of little use to him. Buster is trying to get George Michael to take over his role as Adam this year, which George Michael is uninterested in doing until he receives a compliment from his secret crush, Maeby, about the muscular shape the Adam suit makes under his clothes. Simultaneously, Lindsay confronts Michael about what Lucille told her, which wakes them both up to the fact that their mother is playing them against each other. Michael and Lindsay proceed to drink a bottle of vodka and air their problems to each other. Lindsay tells Michael that her marital difficulties are partly because Tobias is a never-nude, and Michael confesses to Lindsay that he is in love with Gob's girlfriend Marta. George Michael is still trying to show off his fake muscles for Maeby, who is still unable to make her parents notice her hints about running away. Just then, Tobias comes into their bedroom, and asks to speak to George Michael alone, much to Maeby's frustration. Tobias asks George Michael if he can play Adam in the pageant, and George Michael agrees, but said he will have to give him the suit later since he is wearing it, which Tobias interprets to mean that George Michael is also a never-nude. Michael finally arranges a meeting with attorney Wayne Jarvis, a professional who doesn't like small talk. When Lucille enters the office for the meeting, she first tells Michael that Lindsay planned to get him drunk to get the money she needed for her credit card.

At home, Gob racks his brain to find out what Michael is up to with learning Spanish and hiring a new attorney. Lucille advises getting him drunk to find out. And Lindsay, noticing a bouquet of flowers with a note "Can't wait for the pageant! Your Hopeful Lawyer", chides Lucille about getting close to Barry and tells her mother that the plan to drive a wedge between Lindsay and Michael isn't working. To which Lucille replies by telling Lindsay that Michael told her about Tobias's "Never nude" condition, which Lindsay had secretly confided to Michael. Lindsay storms down to Michael's office to berate him, and they once again realize they have been played by their mother. Only this time, they decide they have to teach her a lesson. When Michael finds out Barry Zuckerkorn is taking Lucille to the Living Classics pageant on a date, they realize how embarrassed she would be if George Bluth Sr. finds out. Maeby, meanwhile, is trying a last-ditch effort to get her parents' attention by printing out a fake airline ticket to Portugal. And while neither Lindsay nor Tobias see the ticket, Gob does, which confirms his suspicions that Michael is planning to flee the country. And George Michael begins to grow nervous about the pageant after realizing that playing Adam means having to wear the "frontspiece", tiny foam genitalia.

George Sr. gets his 24 hours of freedom as the pageant finally begins. Michael and Lindsay arrive, and are surprised to find Lucille accompanied by Wayne Jarvis, not Barry Zuckerkorn. Lucille, meanwhile, is surprised to see Buster with her rival, Lucille Austero. George Michael causes a scandal by wearing a pair of cut-off jeans over his costume. But the biggest scandal comes when George Sr., dressed as God, tries to escape from the pageant. Michael chases after his father, and Gob chases after Michael, confronting him with his suspicions, and all three knock each other onto the ground. When George Sr. finds out Lucille is on a date, he tries to run back, only to be tasered into submission by a prison guard. And so the Bluths spend Christmas Eve together at the prison, where Michael is forced to once again rely on Barry. Lucille and Maeby decide that they should spend more time together, and Michael and Lindsay realize that perhaps keeping their friendship isn't as important as they thought.

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