Parks and Recreation: "Ron and Tammy" (Season 2, Episode 8) - Review

As a testament to how good Parks & Recreation has become I have to mention that every time I've written something along the lines of "I just finished watching the best episode they've ever done," they're still able to produce a funnier one the next week. I think I can actually stop writing about all the improvements this show has made and just fully acknowledge that Season 2 is really strong and very funny. "Ron and Tammy" was particularly solid episode that was able to use Leslie (Amy Poehler) in a different and fresh way - as the voice of reason.

That's not to say that Leslie was left without occasional moments of her trademarked idiocy, but she was definitely the captain of the sanity vessel in this episode and it really helped give her character a boost. It's one thing to have all the other characters put up with her hyper-moronic, yet well-intentioned, schemes and another to have her awaken and then deal with the insanity of someone else. I'd like to note, that for all of Leslie's exaggerated mania, she's actually right when it comes to labeling the suburban evil that lives within Pawnee. We all thought she was out of her gourd last week when she had her sights set on the seemingly innocent Greg Pikitis - and look at what a devious little imp he turned out to be!

This week Leslie is appalled to learn that the Library has put in a bid to build on her precious empty lot. And it's not just the fact that someone else wants to take away her project, it's that, in the world of Parks & Rec, the Library division is comically filled with insane and devilish miscreants. Of course, just like last week, we feel like Leslie might be embellishing the truth a bit, but it's not long before we realize that she and Ron (Nick Offerman) are right about the wretched librarians. "They're like a biker gang," Leslie reveals. "But instead of shotguns and crystal meth, they use political savvy and shushing."

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