Tim Roth talks about LIE TO ME

By now you already know that I am a big fan of Fox's new show, Lie to Me, and so it was with great interest that I took part in a conference call with Tim Roth, who plays Cal Lightman, a few weeks ago.

As the star of the show, Tim Roth has to learn some of the science of lying. But turns out he tries not to take any of it home with him. Paul Ekman, the man on which the character of Cal Lightman is based cannot switch it off, and Tim Roth doesn't want to do that.

Tim Roth seemed however really excited to be part of the show, which he calls a fun experiment. His approach of taking things as they come is definitely helping make the show what it is.

Even though each episode of Lie to Me, has a story of the day, if you will, there will also be things that carry through, like Gillian's husband's secret life. In fact, something will eventually be revealed, but not necessarily in the way we might expect it to.

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