Recap Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 8 - My Mother, the Car

Michael Bluth was fed up with his mother, Lucille, and her extravagant spending, and refused to allow her to throw a lavish birthday party for herself. But when Lindsay suggests a surprise birthday party (which was suggested to her by Lucille), Michael agrees on the condition that Lindsay visit George Sr. in prison, who she had been somewhat estranged from the last several years, feeling that he only appreciated her for her appearance. But when Lindsay arrives at the prison, she finds that her worries of receiving sexual harassment from rowdy prisoners appear to be unfounded. Concerned that perhaps she has lost her touch, she decides to go shopping and try again the next day.

Meanwhile, George Michael was finally getting beyond his crush on his cousin Maeby, and the two were settling into a friendship, sneaking into an R-rated movie together. But when George Michael saw a trailer for a French movie about love between two cousins called Les Cousins Dangereux, it rekindles his feelings. And when the two are booted out for being underage, he decided to get a fake ID from his uncle G.O.B. so the two of them could get in to see the movie. Michael drives his mother to her surprise party, but both are surprised to find that nobody else has shown up. Lucille is hurt that her children did not care enough to remember her party, so Michael decides to make up for it by throwing a second surprise party and insisting that this time, all his siblings are there. When no one else shows up for that one, Michael and his mother bond for the first time, both feeling unsupported and ignored by their family. Feeling sorry for his mother, Michael agrees to let her drive, despite the fact that her license has been revoked due to multiple accidents and reckless driving. But when Lucille sees a man on the road riding a Segway, assuming it to be G.O.B., she decides to "give him a scare" and causes their car to wreck. In the aftermath, Lucille drags an unconscious Michael over and stuffs him in the driver's seat so that she won't be blamed for the reckless driving. But due to being hit on the head by a giant rock Buster had left in the backseat, Michael has lost his short term memory and is unable to remember the actual details.

Worried that her son would regain his memory of the accident, Lucille insists that he recuperate in her apartment and bribes their family doctor to give him heavy painkillers, calling them "aspirin". Next door, Buster, who is secretly dating her mother's neighbor and rival Lucille Austero, also takes a knock to the head when, while dining on Austero's balcony, he spies his mother on her own balcony and jumps through the window to get inside and hide. Meanwhile, G.O.B. has been trying to get Michael to let him use the yacht to take Marta on a romantic cruise before Michael is forced to sell it. But when George Michael tells G.O.B. of Michael's accident while asking for the fake IDs, G.O.B. decides to take the yacht and sail down to South America for the summer. Lindsay continues to visit her father in prison, growing increasingly frustrated that none of the inmates are taking note of her increasingly sexier outfits. On her third visit, George Sr. begs her to stop, and reveals that he had been paying off the inmates with gold Krugerrands to behave in Lindsay's presence, but her repeated visits are driving him broke. Touched by her father's gesture, Lindsay finally reconnects with George Sr.

Michael, meanwhile, remembers seeing G.O.B. on the road and trying to scare him, but still thinks that he was the one behind the wheel. Thinking that he had been resentful of his brother because of his attraction to G.O.B.'s girlfriend, Marta, he calls his brother and tells him he can live in the yacht, and confesses that he had been trying to scare G.O.B. But when G.O.B. hears this, he realizes that Michael was duped by Lucille and decides to cancel his escape plans to tell Michael the truth. He reminds Michael that his injury had been on the back of his head and Michael insists that this was caused by Buster's rock. However, he then realises that the rock had been behind the passenger seat, and Lindsay reveals that Lucille is still quite strong, as the "protein bars" that Michael had seen her struggling with had been the Krugerrands. With this knowledge, they confront Lucille, who admits her guilt and says that she was afraid to risk losing Michael's new found respect and admiration. Michael suggests that she could stop manipulating her children, but Lucille decides that manipulation is easier.

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