Recap Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 9 - Storming the Castle

While doing a little cost analysis for a mini mall, the model home chair Michael Bluth is sitting in falls apart. Michael decides he'll have to get one from work, which makes George Michael nervous. Michael tries to convince his son that taking a nice leather chair from work isn't unethical, prompting Lindsay to voice her concern over the "skinning of cows". They are soon interrupted by Marta, who has been unable to reach her boyfriend, Michael's older brother, G.O.B.. Michael covers for his brother despite his feelings for Marta, and as Lindsay soon points out, Michael is permanently the good guy who will never win. Maeby decides that if her mother is anti-leather, that she'll turn pro-leather. George Michael agrees to go shopping with his cousin, deciding some leather could toughen his image, after she pointed out his lack of leg hair. Michael meanwhile is confronted by a man in a limousine, named Rollo, who threatens to take "G.O.B.'s legs". In an effort to find his older brother, Michael visits his mother's apartment. There he learns that Lucille Bluth is trying to break up Buster with his newfound love, Lucille's friend and social rival, Lucille Austero. Meanwhile, Tobias, desperate for his daughter's approval, decides to support her apparent newfound interest in leather by getting an outfit to show that he's a "Leather Daddy".

Michael finally tracks down G.O.B. at the Playtime Pizza Theatre where the magician has been forced to work since being kicked out of the Magician's Alliance. Michael learns that G.O.B. has been cheating on Marta with the "legs" in his "saw the woman in half trick" (two women curl up in a box, one's the head, one's the legs) and that Rollo wants said legs . Michael proceeds to tell G.O.B. that Marta is a "treasure and a once in a lifetime woman" - a line which, as Marta recounts to Michael, G.O.B used to prove his affection. Michael, at first, is unable to tell Marta the truth about G.O.B., but upon realizing that G.O.B. has stolen his watch, Michael decides its time for him to be less selfless. He sets in motion a plan to reveal G.O.B.'s affair to Marta during his act. And he also decides to take that leather chair he wanted. Michael returns home, startled to find his son wearing a leather jacket, telling his son that "we can't change who we are". Only Michael is doing just that, as he is trying to shed his selflessness in order to steal his brother's girlfriend. He has arranged for Marta and "the legs" to meet on stage during G.O.B.'s next act, promising Rollo that he will get his "legs" back. Rollo, in exchange, allows G.O.B. one last chance back into the alliance, giving him an act at the Gothic Castle. As Michael becomes more selfish George Sr. takes a more pious path. Stuck in solitary for a brutal two days, he discovers Judaism. So when Lucille brings Buster to the prison to earn his father's disapproval for dating Lucille Austero, they instead find his father give Buster support.

The night of the magic show arrives, the whole family attends. Tobias has a mixup with his cab driver, and instead of being taken to the "Gothic Castle", he finds himself at the "Gothic Asshole", dressed in his Leather Daddy outfit, ready for some magic. Meanwhile, at the Gothic Castle, G.O.B. returns to Michael his watch, vowing to become a better brother, which in turn makes Michael regret the plan he has set. Fortunately, "the legs" don't show, however, this leaves them in desperate need for a beautiful pair of woman's legs on short notice for G.O.B.'s act. G.O.B's act begins, and after his trademark opening song, The Final Countdown, comes to a close, he is ready for the "saw the lady in half trick". G.O.B. is pleasantly surprised to find Marta on stage, and the act goes smoothly, with George Michael providing the pair of women's legs. After the show, Lucille realizes the importance of love to her children, and finally decides to support Buster in his relationship with Lucille Austero. Of course, her support takes the form of befriending Lucille Austero, which in turn freaks Buster out. Meanwhile, Michael watches as G.O.B. and Marta reunite, once again in love. And so, Michael accepted that he was, in fact, the good guy.

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