Recap Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 11 - Public Relations

Michael takes his son to an interview at the prestigious Milford School, an institution famous for its credo that children should be neither seen nor heard. The dean is unwilling to associate the school with the tarnished Bluth name, producing a recent newspaper headlining Lucille's brawl at a Klimpy's diner. After Lucille and Lindsay were denied a table at a swanky restaurant, they went to a greasy spoon, where a few glasses of wine turned into a screaming match and a visit by the cops. Fearing the family's bad press could affect George Michael's future, Michael decides to hire Jessie, a publicist whom he met at the gym, to improve the family's image. Jessie tells the Bluths that Michael is going to be trumpeted as the head of the family, G.O.B. will start doing charity work, Lindsay will get a job promoting a fancy vodka in bars, and Tobias needs to get his medical license back. Jessie wants Buster to stay out of the public eye from now on, a task he's likely to excel at after graduating from Milford.

Each Bluth sets about redefining their image. Tobias, who has a hearing to review his medical license in Boston, meets actor Carl Weathers on the ride-share van to the airport. Instead of going to Boston, Tobias petitions Carl to teach him acting. Carl Weathers, who now spends his days getting bumped from flights and pocketing the $300, accepts. Meanwhile, G.O.B. conducts his first charity magic show at the old folks home, and Michael takes Jessie out for dinner, where she indicates her romantic intentions. Michael asks George Michael how he feels about Michael starting a relationship with Jessie. George Michael, who hopes Jessie's public relations will fail because he doesn't want to attend a different school from his cousin Maeby, says he doesn't like her. Concerned by George Michael's doubts, Michael suggests to Jessie they take a step back and Jessie quits as the Bluth's publicist. Michael feels bad, but he feels worse when he gets a call from G.O.B. saying he needs Jessie to spin a story for him: murder. During his charity magic show, G.O.B. had made Earl Milford, founder of the academy, disappear into the Aztec Tomb - permanently.

The next day, Jessie drops by the banana stand and blames George Michael for destroying her relationship with Michael, and threatens to portray the Bluths as the worst family in town. G.O.B. unloads his equipment and makes a surprising discovery: Earl Milford, hiding in one of his trunks in order to escape from the rest home. Later that night, Tobias and Carl Weathers visit Lindsay at the restaurant where she works hoping to get free food - the same restaurant where Michael is meeting Jessie to patch things up. Lindsay and Lucille want to fight Jessie because they saw the planted story in that day's paper, and Michael tries to prevent the melee. But when he learns that Jessie threatened George Michael, Michael steps back and a free-for-all breaks out in the restaurant.

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