RESCUE ME ''Cowboy'' Review (Season 6 Episode 8)

After a little political blackmail, the firehouse is again open for business in the new episode of RESCUE ME Cowboy (Season 6 Episode 8). Gavin goes to make a clean break with his cousin’s widow and ends in a potential blackmail situation of his own. Meanwhile, Sean and Mike show their buddy that he won’t be forgotten, for better or worse.

This Rescue Me episode is almost strictly filler. Save for a few comedic moments, the entire episode will play out better as the reminder scene at the beginning of next week’s episode. Rescue Me is currently suffering from a lack of tension, with no major plotlines occurring since Gavin nearly drown his daughter with booze a couple episodes back. Worse, some characters have checked out, such as the old captain. That man couldn’t muster interest if his job depended on. . . wait . . . oh.

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