HAWTHORNE ''Picture Perfect'' Review Season 2, Episode 9

Things aren't quite as they seem on the ''''Picture Perfect'' episode of HAWTHORNE. A distraught Camille has a bruise on her cheek and she lets Christina think Marcus put it there. Christina goes after Marcus, guns blazing, and it takes Tom and Nick to discover that Camille actually fell and bruised her face on a defibrillator during a fight where she hit Marcus. Tom takes the chief of surgery job on a trial basis even though he doesn't want it and is having a relationship with Erin even though he doesn't want it.

I know I'm usually tough on Christina, but Camille really does imply Marcus hit her, so I can't blame her for turning into mama bear Hulk and then calling Nick to arrest him. That said, I hate this storyline. Camille hits Marcus, almost gets him fired and arrested, but in the end it's okay because it makes her realize she loves him. Uh, no, and the parallels to the Chris Brown-Rihanna case are disturbing and borderline offensive. Abuse is never okay and laughing this off by saying Camille takes after her mother isn't going to cut it. Anyway, while Christina is flawed, she would never hit someone and then try to flip the blame.

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Aug 18, 2010 7:15PM EDT

This episode was kind of painful to watch in the end, I can not believe that Christina 'tiny terror' Hawthorne let that Erin doctor which I find to be the most boring character in the show and at the same time annoyingly trying to keep her self relevant..anyways Christina lets Erin of all people tell her to stay away from Tom cause she got her claws in him, I really don't understand women who fawn over men who clearly don't want them, he's in bed with you dreaming about her! Anyways Christina should of told Tom the deal at the end even with Erin standing there because HE WANTED almost NEEDED to hear her say it and then Erin would of finally realized what she was and that is IRRELEVANT!!!

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