CSI: NY: Stuck On A Wheelchair With You, And Other Thought Bubbles

Well, for a conclusion to a really tight season finale, this was a bit of run-of-the-mill. Or maybe it's because I haven't watched a new episode in months, so I'm still readjusting to all that these folks do. Still, CSI: NY's return last night did show something: it's never going to be the same. More so, because one of them is bound to a wheelchair, and it had to be Danny.

It wasn't exactly the show's best-kept secret. It seeped out of the cracks, fans started talking about it, and you know we pretty much confirmed it when the first photos came out. Still, it's a little odd seeing the team's virtual third-in-command shift from the nitty gritty of field work to, well, being stuck on a chair most of the time. (While he tried at the beginning to get something done, you know he knows he can't, and possibly won't.)

And then there's the question of how he, and Lindsay, will deal with it. So we're going for the more emotional attack, now? The "ten percent chance of rain" story that Lindsay had, the ten percent chance of Danny walking again, and both actually happening? While the injury feels more like a cosmetic change than a deep one, hopefully this means Danny grows up a bit now, mellows down a bit, and finally goes where his priorities lie--if last season's events were a bit shotgun-happy, well, this is the right time to even it out.

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