'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Bad Girl Talks About Second Season

From the first season of The Secret Life of The American Teenager, we got to know Adrian Lee - the supposedly slutty majorette whose flight attendant mom is always away and father she never saw when growing up. In an interview with The Deadbolt, Francia Raisa, the 20-year-old Latina who plays Adrian on the ABC Family drama, revealed that season 2 will bring some pretty drastic changes to her character plus the way she deals with the whole Amy (Shailene Woodley) having a baby issue.

"She gets more involved in Amy and Ricky's life and the baby's life, actually, because her and Ricky get a little more serious as far as their relationship," she says. "There's a conflict that goes on between Amy and Adrian, because Adrian is afraid that Amy is going to end up taking Ricky away because she is the mother of his baby. Then Amy is afraid that I'm going to spend so much time with the baby that the baby will consider me a mother and not her. So there's just a lot of drama that goes on between all three of us and Amy and I just don't get along."

Raisa adds that the shift from being the bad girl with needs help from Grace to the one giving Grace some advice will be most apparent in the first few episodes of the sophomore season of The Secret Life.

"You get to know Adrian a lot more... I made Adrian a little more sensitive to other people's situations. she's opening up a bit more. She let Grace into her life, learning that she's actually a generous person. So I think she's putting her guard down a little bit more this season and just showing the nice side of her and the side that everyone wanted to see in the first place."

Raisa's own childhood is thankfully very different from Adrian's. Her dad is a #1 DJ in Los Angeles on 97.9 FM, La Raza, and she has done a string of projects, most notably Bring it On: All or Nothing, the Nickelodeon film Shredderman Rules, Underground, and the ABC Family movie, The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream.

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