Preview of Episode 3 "What Happens in Mexico..."

It's Winter Break in New York City and that means more parties for Manhattan's elite. So far, we've already witnessed the clubbing, dining and dating habits of the six prep school teenagers but we'll get to know them even better in the third episode of NYC Prep.

Last week on NYC Prep, Jessie's best friend Zoe celebrated her 18th birthday --- a party that was pretty much the talk of the town. However, when Jessie asked for PC's help with the exclusive Operation Smile charity event, sparks started to fly. PC then decided to skip Zoe's bash and go on a blind date that ended up taking an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Camille witnessed a love triangle blossomed in front of her. Sebastian, on the other hand, thought that he's the king of Zoe's party as he pursued both Kelli and Taylor. But the tables were turned when Taylor's ex-boyfriend Cole arrived and cramped his style.

Tonight, the drama continues as Jessie vacations in Florida. She's bound to have lots of fun --- the only problem is that she can't stop thinking about PC, who is partying around in Cancun, Mexico. Meanwhile, Kelli goes to the Hamptons to mourn a death; and Camille and Taylor remain in the City. After the holidays, Cole surprises Taylor at her public school and pressures her to make a decision. Who will she choose? Find out tonight at 9pm on Bravo.

Meanwhile, NYC Prep is already no stranger to bad press. The show continues to garner negative criticisms while still intriguing viewers week after week with all the drama surrounding Manhattan's elite high school scene.

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