Reactions to "Woman on the Verge"

1. The "I'm Chuck Bass" line as Chuck's explanation for everything (why he deserved to host an Ivy League representative in an earlier episode and an admission that he had done many wrongs in the past tonight) is funny every time.

2. The whole Chuck/Nate/Blair "non-judging breakfast club" bit was sweet, as was Blair's reaching out to Lily.

3. Serena didn't kill anyone. What a shocker. That being said, I'm glad the "I killed someone" was quickly resolved and not, "I killed someone and dumped their body in the Hudson", because that would have been just ridiculous. I can believe that a rich kid would die from a drug overdose and I guess it's sweet that Serena was so concerned about things (though I felt like her entire response to the ordeal was completely irrational and obviously caused her way more trouble than if she had just been honest from the beginning).

4. Where's Jenny? Oh, she's "visiting her mother"...

I'm glad. I needed a break from the little J.

5. Where's Eric? He just came out of the closet and now it seems as though Lily is hiding him away from the rehearsal dinner...

6. Whoa, that really was Lisa Loeb! (Funny also, because her one hit song did come in the 90s - the theme of the VH1 show)

7. Is Vanessa paid to be Rufus's lackey or does she have a giant crush or what (she is always hanging around Rufus though...)?

8. They couldn't give Rufus a better song to sing for the one that supposedly made him famous? I thought it was awful (though it did notably improve once he started crooning directly to Lily...vomit).

9. Michelle Trachtenberg is growing on me (meaning, her ability to act).

10. I don't think Vanessa and Nate have any actual chemistry.

11. I know we all want to hate Georgina, but Dan is being pretty naive here. Serena was so clearly pained when lying to him about cheating (where are his man senses?) and Nate's "don't trust Sarah/Georgina" warning which Vanessa passed on to Dan wouldn't really make sense if Sarah/Georgina's 'abusive boyfriend' tale were true...

12. Make your bets now. Will the "I do's" actually be said at the Bart/Lily wedding next week???

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode! As you may know, I was concerned and skeptical after last week's shocker, but the show has successfully averted jump-the-shark territory.

Share your reactions to the episode and your predictions for next week's season finale below!


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May 13, 2008 6:24AM EDT

I havent seen it yet, but I bet its pretty good. But "All about my brother" was an awesume episode. One of the best.Cant wait to see it:)

May 13, 2008 6:43AM EDT

Doesn't 'I'm Chuck Bass' pretty much sum it up? I don't blame him for being hurt when she said she had cheated on him, and she usually tends to look pained these days. I think we all knew that she didn't kill anyone didn't we? Dan: Hurt enough to cheat? Maybe. Maybe not. But if anyone could convince him to, I'd bet sweet little Sarah could. Wonder if she'll tape that too.

May 13, 2008 6:51AM EDT

lol at stayinnocent's comment about the taping thing

Default avatar cat
May 13, 2008 7:27AM EDT

omg im sooo happy about this episode. i think its so sweet that all of serena's friends stuck up for her, but i think the "serena doesnt want to see you bit" was a tad out of place, maybe they were trying to protect her because they didnt want dan to see her completely hungover, but that excuse is worse than the actual truth.
i hate georgina, she really needs to go. im not looking forward to seeing her all next season.
im also glad that little J wasnt on this episode, that would have been way too much 14-year-old smart-talking for my liking.
and where is eric in serena's time of need?!
i agree that dans actions are ... completely out of place, its obvious that he still loves serena, and if he really loved her as much as he said he did, then a secret wouldnt push him to cheat on her, or rather pick up another girl right after he "dumped" serena.
im also glad that rufus doesnt seem to be fond of "sarah"
i love rufus and lily, i mean it will be kinda weird if they do marry cuz we have the dan and serena issue...
confession: i used to hate chuck. now i kinda love him.
ahhhh gossip girl. im sooo hooked.

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May 13, 2008 8:47AM EDT

OMG i seem to love Chuck even more with every new episode :)I was quite disappointed with this episode I was expecting at least a little run in with the whole Serena/Georgina/Sarah scenario but obviously its all going to be crammed in with the last episode, which may i point out has alot of other explaining to ie the van der woodsen/bass wedding, the whole Nate/Vanessa/Chuck/Blair love square should I say and alot more....Are they really going to be able to fit it in just a one hour episode finale???Im not getting my hopes up....LOL to stayinnocent's comment "wonder if she'll tape too" LMFAO

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May 13, 2008 9:23AM EDT

I'm Chuck Bass - nice one :D
I hope Dan wont sleep with Georgina .. :(

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May 13, 2008 11:33AM EDT

i love the bit :B(to C):we all kno u lost you virginity to her in 7th grade.C:6th, and I've been avoiding her ever since. The Bitch is a Psycho .

Default avatar cat
May 13, 2008 8:48PM EDT

First of all, loved the episode !
But honestly, the whole situation with Dan and Georgina - it didn´t makes any sense at all.
Beginning of the episode Dan is dying to find Serena (who he is considering his big love ?), looking allover the place and only because she "cheated" on him, he is immediately into another girl that he doesnt even know well, forgets about Serena (his former big love ?), turns down to see his Dads performance, just to listen to a girl he has just met??? On top, kissing her, making out with her (he wasnt even drunk) - sorry, Im not buying it. If it would have been Chuck I would say yes, no big surprise, of course, but HELLLLOOOOO, its Dan!
The man who is always polite, sober, rational and acts like a grown up, no way - this whole scenario just doesn´t fit to his character.
I really liked that whole episode, specially Nate, Chuck and Blair teaming up to save Serena, that was sweet and unexpected. Up until the point when the whole Dan/Georgina thing became totally unreproducible.
Any thoughts?
Beate, Berlin. Germany

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May 14, 2008 12:21AM EDT

Chuck is just great. xP His line about being Chuck Bass always gets to me. xPI don't like Dan in this episode. He's very naive. I know he tries to see good in people, but I guess Georgina really has him in her palm. And kissing her too? I think they need to really talk to him since he's getting more and more pulled into the wrong direction. Georgina-ville is not the way to go, especially when he was very into Serena. I know she said that she cheated, but is he really considering Georgina as a rebound? I don't know...hopefully he doesn't do something he'll regret.

Default avatar cat
May 15, 2008 1:56AM EDT

My thoughts to yours.
1. ilove chuck; yes he's an ass, but still he's amazing.2. iliked the breakfast club thing to.3. of course serena didnt kill someone; and as you said, drug overdoses probably happen with the "rich kids".4. ihate jenny, i'm glad she wasnt in this episode5. ifound it sort of weird that eric wasnt in this episode; i mean of lily's okay with it, how come he wasnt at the rehearsel dinner?6. okay.7. that was like her job @ the concert, to be rufus' lackey.8. rufus' song was fucking horrible.9. michelle trachtenberg still sucks.10. no. there is no chemistry but it works cos a girl like vanessa is exactly what nate needs.11. georgina's a bitch. dans an ass with no feelings. end of story.12. in the end i think they will be; lily wouldnt do that to serena.

and rufus should keep his distance from lily.christ she's pretty much a married woman!

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