Project Runway: A Sneak Peek of Episode 6 "Lights, Camera, Sew!"

Another new episode of Project Runway is at hand, and surely it's going to be all about the hands. And their ability to sew, of course. Judging from the title of tonight's show - "Lights, Camera, Sew!" - we'll be getting some red carpet action and fast-paced needlework. Okay, we'll have to confirm all that in the previews first.

For tonight's episode of Project Runway, the remaining eleven designers will be faced with the spirit of Los Angeles. It's no ghost in a sheet (because that's just not fashionable), but it might just cause enough panic for the contestants.

On "Lights, Camera, Sew!," we get to see some chaos and carnage as the designers compete in a one-day challenge. All the pressure's going to their heads as time becomes their greatest enemy, and it's armed with a high-powered needle too.

Hearing the judges' comments on the preview, it looks as though the designs produced aren't as great as we hoped. Also, Heidi says something about having to sew in the outfit. Does this mean the designers will end up creating costumes for themselves? It's almost as funny as Tim Gunn being a comic book character. Except that's amusing and this is simply weird.

Anyway, the previous episode of Project Runway titled "Fashion Headliners," had the designers' struggle with their unconventional materials - newspapers. The number of contestants is dwindling, and pressure was on to impress celebrity judges. Heading to the Los Angeles Times, they get their fabric and start to work.

It was a struggle for everyone (since even Tim Gunn couldn't stomach some ideas), but in the end the designs looked far from the black-and-white crumples they originally got. After the runway show, we find out that it was Irina and her trenchcoat who prevailed as the winning design. However, it was Johnny origami who got booted out. Well, it was expected given his weak performance in the past.

Don't forget to catch a new episode of Project Runway tonight, titled "Lights, Camera, Sew!" as it airs on Lifetime at 10pm. Following that is Models of the Runway at 11pm.

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