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Midseason Premiere Dates Calendar - Featured

Premiere dates for all of your favorite midseason shows are starting to be announced. We'll keep updating this calendar as new dates are released, so be sure to keep checking back!


Sunday, March 21st

Breaking Bad on AMC at 10PM

Monday, March 22nd

Nurse Jackie on Showtime at 10PM

The United States of Tara on Showtime at 10:30PM

Wednesday, March 24th

High Society on The CW at 9PM (Timeslot Premiere)

Fly Girls on The CW at 9:30PM

Monday, March 29th

10 Things I Hate About You (TV) on ABC Family at 8PM

Tuesday, March 30th

V (Reimagined Series) on ABC at 10PM

Wednesday, March 31st

In Plain Sight on USA Network at 10PM


Thursday, April 1

Fringe on FOX at 9PM (Returning after a 7 week hiatus)

Friday, April 2

Miami Medical on CBS at 10PM

Sunday, April 11th

The Tudors on Showtime at 9PM

Army Wives on Lifetime at 9PM

Treme on HBO at 10PM

Tuesday, April 13th

Glee on FOX at 9PM (Returning after a 4 month hiatus)

Friday, April 23rd

Party Down on Starz at 10PM

Gravity on Starz at 10:30PM

Wednesday, April 28th

Happy Town on ABC at 10PM

Friday, April 30th

Friday Night Lights on NBC at 8PM


Thursday, May 27th

100 Questions on NBC at 8:30PM


Tuesday, June 1st

America's Got Talent on NBC at 8PM (2 hours)

Wednesday, June 2nd

America's Got Talent on NBC at 9PM

Sunday, June 6th

The Hard Times of RJ Berger on MTV at 11PM (Special Premiere)

Monday, June 7th

Last Comic Standing on NBC at 8PM (2 hours)

Persons Unknown on NBC at 10PM

Monday, June 14th

The Hard Times of RJ Berger on MTV at 10PM (Timeslot Premiere)


Day One on NBC

What Midseason Premieres are you most looking forward to?

Earlier Premieres

Tuesday, December 1st

Scrubs on ABC at 9PM

Wednesday, December 2nd

Steven Seagal: Lawman on A&E at 10PM

Launch My Line on Bravo at 11PM

Sunday, December 6th

Alice (2009) on Syfy at 9PM

Monday, December 7th

The Closer on TNT at 9PM

Men of a Certain Age on TNT at 10PM

Tuesday, December 8th

Better Off Ted on ABC at 9:30PM

Sunday, December 13th

Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E! at 10PM

Monday, January 4th

The Bachelor on ABC at 8PM

The Secret Life of The American Teenager on ABC Family at 8PM

Make It or Break It on ABC Family at 9PM

Conveyor Belt of Love on ABC following The Bachelor

Wednesday, January 6th

Nip/Tuck on FX at 10PM

Sunday, January 10th

Chuck on NBC at 8PM (2 hours, special night)

Big Love on HBO at 10PM

Monday, January 11th

Chuck (Timeslot Premiere) on NBC at 8PM

Tuesday, January 12th

American Idol on FOX at 8PM

Southland on TNT at 10PM

Wednesday, January 13th

Our Little Genius on FOX at 9PM - UPDATE: Delayed

Leverage on TNT at 10PM

Thursday, January 14th

Archer on FX at 10PM

Project Runway on Lifetime at 10PM

Sunday, January 17th

Human Target following football on FOX

24 at 9PM on FOX (Special Night, 2 hrs)

Monday, January 18th

Life UneXpected at 9PM on The CW

24 (Timeslot Premiere) at 9PM on FOX (2 hrs)

Tuesday, January 19th

Our Little Genius on FOX at 9PM (Timeslot Premiere)

White Collar on USA Network at 10PM

Wednesday, January 20th

Human Target on FOX at 8PM (Timeslot Premiere)

Thursday, January 21st

The Deep End on ABC at 8PM

Burn Notice on USA Network at 9PM

Friday, January 22nd

Caprica on Syfy at 9PM

Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz at 10PM

Monday, January 25th

Greek on ABC Family at 10PM

Secret Diary of a Call Girl on Showtime at 10PM

Damages on FX at 10PM

La La Land on Showtime at 11PM

Wednesday, January 27th

Psych on USA Network at 10PM

Friday, January 29th

Kitchen Nightmares on FOX at 9PM

Tuesday, February 2nd

Lost on ABC at 9PM

Thursday, February 4th

Important Things with Demetri Martin on Comedy Central at 10PM

Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central at 10:30PM

Friday, February 5th

Smallville: Absolute Justice (TV Movie) on The CW at 8PM

Tuesday, February 9th

Past Life on FOX at 9PM (Special Premiere)

Thursday, February 11th

Past Life on FOX at 9PM (Timeslot Premiere) (Fringe is taking a Winter Hiatus)

Friday, February 19th

The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO at 9PM

The Life & Times of Tim on HBO at 9:30PM

Monday, March 1st

Rules of Engagement on CBS at 8:30PM

Tuesday, March 2

Parenthood on NBC at 10PM

Thursday, March 4th

The Marriage Ref on NBC at 10PM

Friday, March 5th

Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC at 8PM

Wednesday, March 10th

High Society on The CW at 9:30PM

Sunday, March 14th

Minute to Win It on NBC at 8PM

Sons of Tucson on FOX at 8:30PM

The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC at 9PM

Tuesday, March 16th

Justified on FX at 10PM

Thursday, March 18th

FlashForward on ABC at 8PM (moved from March 4th)


| 18:16 EDT, 22 Mar, 2010
Just marked March 29th & April 13th for Glee and 10 things i hate about you!!!!!! Cant wait for Vampire Diaries and T-blood as well
| 07:48 EDT, 22 Mar, 2010
You did not list Vampire Diaries coming back March 25 after being off, it seems like FOREVER.
| 02:44 EST, 26 Feb, 2010
| 23:04 EST, 15 Feb, 2010
Chuck, Bones, Supernatural, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Smallville, Castle. can't wait!
| 14:12 EST, 19 Jan, 2010
When is Lie to Me coming back? I miss that show!
| 22:09 EST, 14 Jan, 2010
nvm :) i found it!
| 22:08 EST, 14 Jan, 2010
What about the mentalist? I'm over in Aus and i haven't seen a new episode for weeks!!
| 20:44 EST, 13 Jan, 2010
Army Wives is premiering April 11th. Added it to the calendar! No date yet for Lie to Me but the show is definitely on hiatus for a few months.
| 19:16 EST, 13 Jan, 2010
When does Lie to me and Army Wives start?
| 18:23 EST, 13 Jan, 2010
i think grey's anatomy comes back on the 14th of january, this thursdaythen gossip girl is back on the 8th of March
| 05:20 EST, 12 Jan, 2010
I am so waiting for Smallville, Supernatural, 24, Lost, Heroes...
| 17:56 EST, 10 Jan, 2010
i can't wait for supernatural, smallville, glee, vampire diaries, weeds, burn notice, and true blood (also sons of anarchy but i have a feeling im going to be waiting awhile on that one) well I'm off to watch the newest episode of fairy tales :) almost put it in my list, but just noticed the latest episode is out woohoo
| 13:21 EST, 07 Jan, 2010
@radubutca - No date for Diva yet, but it's been renewed. My guess would be early in the summer.
| 10:45 EST, 07 Jan, 2010
when is drop dead diva comeing back???
| 00:41 EST, 07 Jan, 2010
Glee and Vampire Diaries?
| 13:28 EST, 06 Jan, 2010
@Shamako - Yep. You're right. Looks like USA revised a few of their dates. Thanks!
| 13:00 EST, 06 Jan, 2010
when are supernatural, greys anatomy, gossip girl, 90210, vampire diaries, ANTM coming back?any person with dates please answer!
| 19:11 EST, 04 Jan, 2010
i am looking forward to Smallville, The Tudor, and Greek.
| 03:21 EST, 03 Jan, 2010
I thought White Collar was set to premiere on January 19th...?
| 15:09 EST, 02 Jan, 2010
And what about Supernatural?
| 18:37 EST, 22 Dec, 2009
@Kouou. Done. Don't know how we missed that one!
| 18:33 EST, 22 Dec, 2009
You should add the 24 premiere dates to this calendar. Two-hours each on January 17th at 9 and January 18th at 8.
| 07:44 EST, 15 Dec, 2009
Does Bones return on the same day as Fringe? They seem to be packaged together on Fox...
| 23:55 EST, 11 Dec, 2009
Greek really does make me miss the drama of college life. I miss it. Can't wait for Party Down to come back. I love that show! I am also excited about The United States of Tara coming back.As for Glee and Fringe, I never want them to end.
| 20:01 EST, 11 Dec, 2009
GLEE! why are they even taking a break! its the best show in a long well as fringe and lost
| 13:47 EST, 11 Dec, 2009
i'm super-duper excited for Lost! i'm a late comer to be a fan of the show. watched all the seasons earlier this year and i can't wait. :3
| 13:28 EST, 11 Dec, 2009
@weencbh - No official date for True Blood yet...but most likely June 2010. It is staying a summer show.
| 07:38 EST, 11 Dec, 2009
When is True Blood coming back?
| 00:12 EST, 30 Nov, 2009
ofc we have to wait till febuary for LOST... they can't ever have it right after the holidays. And I hate ABC for only showing 4 eps of V and making us wait till March for more! I guess the only bright thing will be Caprica, at least its still in january. And ofc FOX has to dely Fringe yet again to drug the masses with more Am Idol crap...
| 00:05 EST, 30 Nov, 2009
24, True Blood, Fringe , Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Smallville, Nurse Jackie, Alice and of course Glee...
| 19:13 EST, 29 Nov, 2009
Better Off Ted, Chuck, Caprica, Sons of Tuscon and The Tudors.
| 17:57 EST, 29 Nov, 2009
Weeds is usually a summer show, so probably june-ish.I'm also waiting for breaking bad to come back!And I'm proper upset about Glee's 4 month hiatus!
| 15:01 EST, 29 Nov, 2009
When is Weeds coming back?
| 14:27 EST, 29 Nov, 2009
| 17:35 EST, 26 Nov, 2009
I'm most looking forward to Chuck of course!! Aswell as Lost, Burn Notice, Fringe, Glee, Scrubs and maybe Southland. Can't wait!

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