Justified: Season 1 Review

You can tell a lot about a television series by how much people are talking about it - not whether or not they like it, but if they say anything. In my circle of friends and the people on Twitter I follow, which is almost entirely baseball and football fans and bloggers, there was non-stop chatter about the premiere of Justified. Someone even posted about how his mom had worked in a district attorney's office in Kentucky and that while she was there, there were a few cases with rocket launchers. I received e-mails about how great this show was and how they nailed the bits about Kentucky-living, from the accents all the way down to the buttons on the inseam.

And then the chatter died out. For about 10 weeks, there was nothing. In those 10 weeks, we saw episodic plots that, while entertaining, didn't have the punch the premiere did. Sure, it had great characters and awesome dialogue that carried the series, but very little was at stake. What the viewers did get interested in was the characters, most of whom were shot or killed or carted off to a long-term prison sentence within their introductory episode.

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