Treme Episode 5: "Shame, Shame, Shame" Review

Inhabitants of New Orleans clung to small victories this week, in defiance of the storm clouds raining perpetual frustration, uncertainty and yes, shame, over their lives. It all made for an episode that, while not the strongest of the season so far overall, was memorable for a few really wonderful and satisfying moments that couldn't be fully eclipsed by the tragedy of the shoot-out on the second line.

The episode opened with another of Creighton's now-famous YouTube diatribes, as he begged Dubya to appeal to the better angels of his nature and honor his promise to get New Orleans back on its feet. Unfortunately it's becoming clearer and clearer that any improvements to the city, or to morale, will come only from the citizens themselves. The video upped Creighton's celebrity, but this week we learned that notoriety comes at a price -- he was clearly humiliated by a run-in with a group of fellow professors, even when they congratulated him on the videos. And now it looks as if Creighton will really have to pay the piper, now that his literary agent is flying in from New York to collect the publisher's advance on a book Creighton agreed to write six years ago. Presumably the publisher had forgotten all about him, until now.

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