'Treme' - 'Shame, Shame, Shame' Recap

Finally, things are looking up for Janette (Kim Dickens), whose restaurant got an impromptu visit from four of New York's top chefs (pictured, from left to right: Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, Wylie Dufresne, and David Chang). Not a foodie? No matter, the fact that they liked Janette and Jacques' food (as the Valley Girlish waitress confirmed) is a huge win, especially after last episode's depressing restaurant closure.

Antoine Baptiste (the amazing Wendell Pierce) is slowly emerging as the character with the most screen time, and this episode was no exception, although I much preferred the other storylines, for once. Khandi Alexander continues to impress as LaDonna, who is a woman who knows when to be tough (with the deadbeat contractor) but is also quite vulnerable (dreaming of and searching for her brother Daymo).

Creighton's ongoing love affair with YouTube yielded another memorable tirade (against President Bush), but this one wasn't quite as quotable as the "F--k you, you f--king f--ks!" from last episode. Could anything possibly top that?

Fess up, friends, how many of you had to turn on the closed captioning for the extensive jazz dialogue between Antoine and his Japanese patron? Even with the subtitles, I found most of the conversation a bit too "Inside Baseball" except when they disagreed at the music shop and Antoine unleashed his certainty about Honoré Dutrey being the slide-trombonist in the photo.

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