MERLIN ''The Crystal Cave'' Review Season 3. Episode 5

MERLIN The Crystal Cave Season 3 Episode 5- It is Morgana's birthday in this episode of Merlin and she is feeling quite murderous. Running away from bandits, Arthur and Merlin find themselves in the Valley of Fallen Kings. Arthur trips and falls. There is an arrow in his back.

What was that? Arthur gasps.

An arrow.

As long as it wasn't something terrible. He whispers before fainting.

Merlin removes the arrow and tries to heal the wound with magic. A man appears and suddenly this has become very much like that Daniel Radcliffe episode of Extras. The man heals Arthur's wounds with magic.

The man brings Merlin into a cave, the eponymous Crystal Cave. It is where magic began. Within the Crystal Cave he sees flashes of the future; including Morgana sitting on the throne, Morgana drawing a dagger, a horse rearing on its hind legs as Morgana tries to calm it down, blood (or wine) dripping down fingers, Uther asleep whilst Morgana stabs him, Merlin himself screaming.

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