'Top Chef' finale recap: And the winner is...

Well, Top Chef fans, we've finally reached the end of another season. I know many of you have bemoaned how much the last 13 weeks dragged on, but on some levels, it flew by for me. Without a deep connection to the cheftestants, and with Tiffany (AKA the only hope for a happy ending) booted just before the finale, I was freed up from the usual anxiety that comes from having a strong rooting interest. Stir in a plethora of unanswered questions (mail-order bride or not?), and I found there was even less reason to emotionally invest.

But, hey, just because the menu might not have your favorite dish doesn't mean you don't eat, right? So let's dig in. We picked things up right where last week left off, with the remaining three - Kevin, Ed and Angelo - getting called back to the judges table to find out what they'd be cooking for the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THEIR LIVES. (Not to diminish first prize, but at this point, is losing really that big a deal? Won't all three experience some degree of fame/notoriety/increased restaurant business anyway?)

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