Review: Archer - Training Day Episode 2

FX, those bunch of sneaky so-and-sos. Their new hot piece of animated action was set to premiere Thursday night, but instead of airing the "Mole Hunt" episode that quietly previewed after It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia a few months ago, they pulled a fast one and showed an all-new episode first. I guess "Training Day" is to be considered the proper series premiere at this point? Even if it's really the second episode? Question mark?

If you'd rather hang on and revisit "Mole Hunt," our own Jonathan Toomey took care of that. Here, we're going to take a look at "Training Day."

In an attempt to keep Lana away from Archer, Malory decides to make Cyril man up and train to be a deadly field agent, under Archer's tutelage. Around this little adventure, we also got a lot of fat jokes, a deeper look into how high-maintenance/scary of a girlfriend Lana can be ("Hey, Jane. Y'gettin' a tampon?"), and Malory's zucchini eyes.

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