OUTLAW ''In Re: Curtis Farwell'' Review Episode 4

Much of this episode feels like a lecture. In addition to the usual Cyrusisms like The only thing I've turned on is a justice system that doesn't always do justice (probably a minority opinion, but I think the Larry King opening is painfully trite), we have the team up in arms over their client's desire to take a secret settlement. I applaud the sentiment because the secret part absolutely is problematic, but A. They work for the client and B. Little is clumsier on a show than characters telling us how we should feel about something.

I understand that Cyrus has no respect for the legal system he believes is flawed beyond hope and that he has his eye on his own big picture, but torpedoing a settlement agreement that a client requested is unconscionable. There are other, more ethical ways to achieve his objective. I am not an ends justify the means kind of girl, so this really is horrifying to me even though there was certainly never any doubt that Cyrus would win and the client would in fact make out better. That's how it always works in Cyrus-land, after all. I think having Cyrus win all of his cases so far is a missed opportunity because we need that doubt and suspense.

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