30 Rock: "Klaus and Greta" Review Season 4, Episode 9

It was a nice double-dose of 30 Rock on Thursday night, after a multi-week hiatus through the holiday season. The first episode guest starred James Franco as James Franco and the result was absolutely hysterical stuff.

"Klaus and Greta" was the standout episode of the night, and not just for Franco's outstanding performance. Things began with the four core characters catching each other up on their New Year's activities. Tracy thinks he got Angie pregnant, Liz drunkenly outted her closeted gay cousin, Jack hallucinated from ancient toxic wine, and Jenna was asked to partake in a fake romance with James Franco. Tracy soon learned that he did in fact get his wife pregnant and he was certain it would be a girl because he shouted "Susan B. Anthony" at the moment of conception.

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