HAVEN ''Spiral'' Season Finale Review Episode 13

Mythology is front and center in the mind-boggling Spiral season finale of HAVEN, which finds Audrey, Nathan, and Duke all trying to absorb revelations about themselves and me trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Duke is on the hunt for his tattooed potential killer, Audrey must face that she was Lucy, and Nathan learns an uncomfortable truth about his paternity and faces a devastating loss.

Oh my freaking gravy, where to start? I guess with Nathan's fathers. First we have Max Hanson, fresh out of Shawshank and back in Haven to cause trouble, see the rev, and make sure Nathan finds out Max is his biological father. He purposely spills the coffee on himself so Audrey knows he can't feel very slick. Then we have the chief, holding Haven together apparently by sheer force of will. Poor, broken chief. He really did love Nathan and goodness knows he loved Haven. The death by explosion is beyond freaky (why didn't Audrey do anything to try to help?) and can you imagine having to comb the beach for plaid-covered rock pieces of chief? I love that the pieces seem to be rejoining somehow. Come back, chief. The town needs you.

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