Fringe: "Johari Window" Review Season 2, Episode 12

First, let's talk about the title of this episode. This installment was originally titled "Edina City Limits," and everything indicated that's how it was going to stay. Press and promotional items for the episode all used that title, until last week when FOX inexplicably changed it. It was a weird move, but it kind of fits the trend of weirdness the network has been doing with the show recently. Still, the change, when viewed in the full context of the story, makes perfect sense, and provides some insight into what the story is truly about.

So what is a Johari Window? Well, in simplest terms it is a psychological method/tool that serves as a way to compare the way people perceive themselves to the way others see them. That's where our "freaks of the week" come in รข€“ a town full of disfigured people that find a way to create an illusion that hides their ailment, but only within the town limits. Initially, the Fringe team comes to a conclusion that metamorphosis may be afoot, but what is actually going on is a tweaking of perception.

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