Recap Passions: Monday, January 28, 2008

Kay and the gang are finally compromising on having a double wedding. Upstairs in Maria's room, Tabitha is very close to Miguel's letter that Endora has hidden in the doll, and she suspects that something is amiss with Endora's behavior. She asks Endora if she is lying to her mommy. Tabitha picks up the doll and notices that the head is loose but does not sense the letter inside. Endora remains quiet. Tabitha concludes that one of Endora's friends broke the doll and tries to fix it. Endora lies to Tabitha by agreeing with her. Tabitha goes downstairs to keep an eye on Kay and the gang. She wishes them well on their wedding plans and tells them that she hopes they beat the odds. The date that was set for the wedding is off because the church is booked up, so Tabitha offers to use magic. Miguel tells her that she is not to use magic.

Soon after that, Noah and Paloma see a bat flying over their heads and wonder what's going on. Miguel reminds Tabitha about not practicing magic, but it's not her this time. It's Endora. Kay and Tabitha pretend that it's a remote controlled toy and ask Endora to use a remote and pretend to make it stop. She does, and everything goes back to normal again for now. Paloma suggests postponing the wedding for a year or calling it off altogether. Endora uses magic and causes the phone to ring, and Kay gets a message telling her that the church finally has an opening. Miguel asks Kay if she and Tabitha have anything to do with it, and they both deny it, but Miguel refuses to believe them. Kay volunteers to take a test, and Tabitha agrees because she has nothing to hide, but Endora doesn't want to take the test because she does have something to hide. Tabitha states that she would not use the device on Endora, so she is off the hook for the test.

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