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Cheesecake Factory?

Does it bother anybody else that the restaurant Penny works in could not look less like a Cheesecake Factory??

Seriously, a Cheesecake Factory looks so distinctive inside that I don't understand why they would actively choose to make Penny work at a "Cheesecake Factory" if they weren't going to make a more convincing set.

Nitpicky, yes, but isn't this a show for nerds? :-)


| 08:54 EDT, 20 May, 2008
haha...good thinking summertimer...i agree with u...
| 18:25 EDT, 19 May, 2008
I think they choose a Cheescake factory , to be able to show Leonard saying he likes something that he can´t even eat (without farting),in the first episode. "i like the idea" hahah.
| 21:48 EDT, 14 May, 2008
Has anyone actually thought 'The Cheesecake Factory' is just the name of the place, not that it's an actual cheesecake factory?
| 12:48 EDT, 14 May, 2008
I too agree. Plus we have not once heard of any cheesecakes that the establishment may offer, All we have heard is that they do 7 different burgers (has been compared to Big Boy) and has a coctail bar. So its a cross between big boy and a fancy bar but does not have the name or the decor to back it up.
| 19:38 EDT, 13 May, 2008
I agree, it drives me up a wall.

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