Recap Passions: Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Both Paloma and Luis think that a few people are acting out of character, so it's very unlikely that Theresa has a new man. Luis uses Fancy as an example of someone who is behaving out of character in that one minute she is calm, and in the next minute she is irrational. Paloma suggests to Luis that Fancy might have a brain tumor, and that would explain her mood swings. Since Fancy won't talk to Luis, he doesn't know how to talk her into getting a brain scan.

Down on the wharf, Pretty continues to control the device in Fancy's brain, and Fancy is trying her best to seduce Noah, but Noah tells her that he is engaged to be married to Paloma and cannot behave in such a manner. Noah questions Fancy's behavior, and Fancy wants to know why Noah is such a prude. Pretty thinks that she deserves to be with Luis, so she turns up the device in hopes that Fancy will become a total sleaze. Fancy is ravenous and cannot keep her hands off Noah. Noah forcefully tells her to stop because this is not like her and that she is in love with Luis and he is in love with Paloma. Pretty calls Luis and points him in the direction of the wharf because she wants him to see Fancy kissing Noah.

Paloma and Luis see Fancy kissing Noah passionately while Pretty is in the dark smiling. Paloma tells Noah that she cannot believe what she is seeing, and Noah tells her that he can explain. Paloma tells him that it won't work this time and that she will never forgive him. She runs off with Noah pursuing her. Luis asks Fancy to explain herself, but she doesn't have an answer. Meanwhile, Pretty tries to change the frequency of the device, but the knob falls out. She recovers it and turns the dial to "sleaze." Fancy then starts to kiss Luis passionately as if nothing else has happened. Luis is shocked at Fancy's behavior. Pretty changes the frequency, and this time, Fancy is angry at Luis. She lashes out at him then walks away. Noah catches up with Paloma and tries to explain things to her, but she doesn't want to believe him and tells him that she never wants to see him again.

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