Recap: "Filthy Lucre"

After last episode's death-of-dad/Karen-and-Hank-did-the-deed shocker of an episode, tonight couldn't help but feel like a bit of a letdown. But still, this was an awfully large letdown.

After several weeks back east on the Moody family spread, Hank returned to the Los Angeles airport coincidentally on the same plane Bill was on. Waiting for her two knights in dented armor was, of course, Karen, who, after their recent "cogrieving" sex act, treated Hank to the sight of a make-out session with Bill. Granted, she certainly has every right to make out with her fiancé, but I still found the scene distasteful and drawn out, not to mention unbearably awkward. That clunker of a scene was followed by another clunker, in which Becca practiced with her band while the fam looked on. Y'all know I love Becca, but that song was terrible, and her dad's dopey dancing was even worse. So yeah, I'll say it, I agree with Bill: I wouldn't let Becca play at my wedding, either. But hey, that doesn't make me a Van Morrison fan like he is.

One good thing did come out of Hank and Karen's tryst of mourning: Hank started writing again. Heck, he was so inspired by the rediscovery of his muse that he wrote a whole novella - a modern-day answer to Lolita, in fact - in only a few weeks. Charlie was made so joyous by the news that he got a broner.

But tradition requires that Karen get first look at the manuscript, a task she hemmed and hawed over and finally refused. The scene in which she told Hank she regretted their hookup and that she didn't love him anymore was a heartbreaker. Little did she know that Hank had bought her a monster-size engagement ring with his monster-size royalty check. Poor, poor Hank. He deserves a second chance, but if he got one, of course, we wouldn't really have a story here, would we?

The carjacking and loss of his only-copy-on-earth manuscript was just too absurd. And who here didn't see Mia's copying of the manuscript coming from about 3 miles down the 405, on foot? She grows increasingly annoying.

The one scene that saved the night was Marcy's comical lesbian confession. She's fallen hard for "that sweet little goth nut job" Dani, and all she wants to do now is blow off book club and watch Bound with her. "I know about everything, Charlie, and I'm not mad, just kind of sad and sexually awakened." Hilarious. How good is that Marcy?

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