Lost: A Twisted Game, Or A Way To Regain Balance?

Finally, some answers--and, obviously, more questions that go with it. So Oceanic 815 crashed on the Island because the passengers inside, or at least some of them, were pegged by Jacob, at one point in their lives, to be his successor. Surely the same also happened with Black Rock, and Danielle's gang, and maybe the folks at the DHARMA Initiative, too. Along the way, names were crossed out, probably because they weren't sympathetic towards the cause. Now, with Jacob dead, Locke is looking for a replacement--a substitute--and... isn't there something wrong with it?

I mean, the Man in Black and Jacob have coexisted on the Island for what seems like forever, and yet they never really got along. MIB, in fact, just wanted to get rid of Jacob, exploiting his loophole to fulfill the deed. Now he's looking for someone to replace the very person he killed? To what, regain the balance in the world? Is he just looking for someone else to kill? He's getting a kick out of it.

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