'Justified' Episode 3 - 'Fixer' Recap

The TV watching circles whose gazes are glued to the glow of their TVs like vultures at a duck crossing are starting to joke that Raylan Givens is racking up quite a body count.

Let's do a little TV addition. He's only killed two people in three episodes: the restaurant case in Miami and another poor schlub in this week's gripping tale of greed. Sure he shot Boyd in the chest, but that only turned out to be a serious wound and a sniper killed a hostage holder in the second episode. He's far from becoming the edgy dramatic equivalent of TV's 'Sledge Hammer' and definitely smart enough to know you don't challenge the kill record of a man who talks to his gun.

Besides, complaining about Raylan's penchant for blowing away scumsuckers is an unnecessary diversion from a show that is starting to build some gripping potential.

It hasn't developed a real cohesive story line that runs from episode-to-episode, outside of his growing lust for Ava and the inevitable showdown when Boyd returns (I hope), but it gave us a nice taste at the start when Raylan learns his degenerate father has been arrested on a DWI. The moment between Raylan and his boss barely lasted more than five minutes, but it served as a great character study of a man who doesn't like it when things get emotionally deep around him and the kindly old man who's watching out for him.

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