Recap: "Turn the Page"

I wasn't looking forward to this episode because I could tell by the previews that this episode was going to be very Mia-centric, and I've found this whole manuscript-thieving storyline to have more logical holes in it than a hunk of Swiss. Also, as you all know, I just don't like Mia. But the episode had some sweet and charming moments, so let's go ahead and focus on those.

First, the big news: Becca moved in with Hank, at her own request. I found it strange that we had to wait almost the whole episode to find out why she wanted to move in with her dad, and that neither of her parents really pressed her for a reason - her explanation only came up when Mia asked about it. Karen's attachment to her daughter was palpable, and her angry accusation that Hank had manipulated Becca into moving out was alarming but understandable. Even better was his reaction: "I would never f--k with her head - yours, yes, but not hers." Her sneaking into Hank's house late at night to check on Becca and Hank sleeping also had a creepy but poignant feel to it. But ya gotta wonder how Hank's going to continue his philandering ways with a daughter now in the house. Something tells me he'll find a way.

In other sticky sweetness, Charlie and Hank are so solid, yo. They are the best of buds, the model of what a bro friendship can be. Granted, Hank got a little uncharacteristically moralistic about Charlie's Dani dalliance, especially in light of his sad situation with Mia, but Charlie is a great friend - and agent - who came through for Hank when he needed it, emotionally and professionally. These two have such great bro chemistry. I just love it when they hug.

But let's get to the big kahuna of the evening: the Mia issue. First off, is it illegal to sleep with a 16-year-old? Charlie mentioned the possibility of police involvement. Huh? I mean, considering Hank's age and familial situation, his Mia match was unquestionably immoral, but illegal? Nah, don't think so. Also, the manuscript theft makes no sense whatsoever. Everyone would have recognized it as Hank's writing from the get-go, and Mia's supposed explanation of "rewriting" it into a "mash-up" makes no sense either - how can you rewrite a Kinko's copy? What's more, the whole thing was pretty boring. Mia has taken on such a one-dimensional devil character that I just don't care anymore about her shenanigans. Her sidewalk speech about loving the feeling of being in the center of attention smacked of Dynasty-era Alexis. Madeline Zima is a wonderful comedic actress, but I really think she's on the wrong show here - especially if Mia's storylines continue in this operatic vein. The preview for next week's episode - for which, by the way, I am totally psyched - seems to show her having second thoughts about her scheming ways, but that won't change her behavior the rest of this season.

PS. Speaking of evil schemers, I loved that Hank called Dani "Ilse the SS She-wolf." Hank, despite your many faults, you're a man after my own heart.

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